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Hi and welcome to my blog about wheel swapping diecast cars.  I like to collect cars from Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Greenlight and Johnny Lightning.  To see my ever growing diecast car collection, feel free to visit my other blog called http://mytoycars.blogspot.com.  I also like to collect fire and emergency rescue vehicles made by Code 3 and you can see my collection at http://code3diecast.blogspot.com.

For the most part I'm pretty pleased with the different selection of diecast cars that each brand makes.  Once in awhile though, the wheels that they use on a particular model really turn me off.  Where possible I will try to change the wheels with something that I like.  For Hot Wheels cars, I have to drill out the base and replace the wheels.

However, for Johnny Lightning cars, there are two options depending on whether the car has rubber tires or plastic wheels.  If it has rubber tires, they you can easily just remove the tire and rim from the axle hub and replace them with something else.  Rubber tire wheel swap tutorial here.

If the Johnny Lightning comes with plastic wheels you may still be able to pry out the rim and replace it but you have to be careful not to damage the wheel during the process. Here's the detailed tutorial on how to replace the rims on a plastic wheel Johnny Lightning.

This blog will showcase some of the cars where I have changed the wheels.  I'll also try to show you what the original car looked like before the swap.   The 'before' images are courtesy of  http://jlcollector.net/, the visual reference guide for all Johnny Lightning cars.

Thanks and enjoy!

Addendum:  I have recently tried to remove the wheels from Greenlight brand cars but have been unsuccessful.  On each occasion, the rims have broken off at the axle.  I have contacted Greenlight several times via their Facebook page, their website and via die-cast forums for assistance only to be ignored each time.

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