Before and After: Johnny Lightning 1976 Dodge Van

This Johnny Lightning Dodge Van was from the Mopar 10 car box set.  Pictured above are the boring gray wheels that came with it.  Picture courtesy of

johnny lightning dodge van

Here is the Dodge van following the plastic wheel swap.  I think the Cragars really improve the appearance of this JL 76 Dodge Van and doesn't make it look so Cut-Rate anymore.

Brand: Johnny Lightning
Series: Mopar or No Car
Model: 1976 Dodge Van
Casting: 398
Release Date: 2004


  1. it's supercool martijn :)

  2. Daniel,

    I love your photos and your blog!

    The Cragars add a lot to that van. We didn't use steelies because they're part of the more expensive Real Wheels line. Those dreadful grey things were the solution!

    I do like the stenciled lettering on the doors, however.

    Mac Ragan

    1. thx for visiting Mac! I appreciate the insights!